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Increasing Awareness, Care and Treatment for CAPS
and other autoinflammatory diseases.
Autoinflammatory Syndromes
CAPS Genetics
CAPS Guidebook
Autoinflammatory Disease Database/Chart
Other Autoinflammatory Syndromes
Majeed Syndrome
Schnitzler Syndrome
Blau (NOD2) (PGA)
CANDLE syndrome
Clinical Trials
This copy of the CAPS brochure may be used for informational purposes only. Contact us for other uses. Please cite The NOMID Alliance and the authors of the CAPS brochure as a reference whenever you use any portion of this brochure for any publications or research papers. Please contact us if you would like a printed copy, or copies for distribution. Thank you.

Our newest book, "Healthier Ever After" with helpful injection tips and suggestions to improve life for children with autoinflammatory diseases is available now to download.

For more information about the book, or to download a copy of the book, please visit our blog post on SAID support (saidsupport.org) This is the official Autoinflammatory Alliance blog discussing all things involving awareness, advocacy, care and thriving with Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases (SAID)

The book will be available in print form in April 2014, and we will have information soon on how to get a printed copy, with the dry erase chart and area to track goals and rewards for good behavior soon.
CAPS Guidebook
This printable copy of the CAPS medical guidebook will print onto an 8.5 by 11 paper, as page spreads. For printed booklets, please contact us to request copies.
   Click here to download the CAPS Brochure.
Comparison Chart of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases
  • www.autoinflammatory-search.org Check out our new autoinflammatory disease digital database based on our comparative chart!

  • Tutorial for how to use the autoinflammatory-search.org site is on our saidsupport.org blog. This post is full of FAQs and tips for how to best use the new digital, searchable chart and database.
    Click here to download the disease comparison chart.

    Click here to download the back of the disease comparison chart which contains the references.

    The full size Comparison Chart of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases (SAID) is a very large poster, and needs to be printed on a large format printer at an office supply store. In PDF format if you just hit print you will need a magnifying glass to read it. Here’s how to print it full poster size on your computer.

    You will need to have the latest Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.

    Open the chart by clicking “Click here to download the disease comparison chart” from this page.

    Click the rectangular button with the arrow in it on the top right of your screen.

    Choose “open with adobe reader.”

    You can now highlight and even post notes on the chart with the yellow tools you see at the top menu bar. Zoom in to read it more clearly.

    To print, click the printer button and choose “poster.” It will now print the entire poster full size on several pieces of paper. You will need to tape it together, but you won’t need a magnifying glass to read it.

    Another option is to get an electronic copy to a local FedEx Office or other copy store and have them print it as a full size poster. This is a great option to get copies to your doctors.

    Note that we do not have any of the 2014 wall chart in stock and cannot mail them out, as we are working on a new version for 2018, but the most comprehensive chart version is on our www.autoinflammatory-search.org database.

    If you have questiosn, please contact karen@autoinflammatory.org Thank you!